Registration at the Conference

The registration at the conference includes:

  • Admission to the conference
  • Admission to the workshop
  • Admission to the conference and the workshop

Please fill the form here below.

Fee Table Full Student
Workshop Only (PASM) 95€ 70€
Conference Only (EPEW) 240€ 160€
Conference + Workshop (EPEW + PASM) 260€ 170€

How to pay

The payment can be done by credit card or by bank transfer.

  1. If you would pay by credit card, please, go to the following link (online payment options are available):
  2. If you would pay by bank transfer, please, use the details on EPEW2019 bank transfert file to complete the payment.

Researchers and professors coming from an Italian University or public administration in the online registration form have to choose VAT Exemption and fill in the form “Invoice Request“.

For any problem with the payment, please contact us by email